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Enriqueta Cepeda on Instagram: “Vessels, coilbuilt in black and red clay. . . …

Enriqueta Cepeda on Instagram: “Vessels, coilbuilt in black and red clay. . . . #ceramics #ceramica #ceramiche #ceramique

Trending Craft Ideas Using Paper Mache, Air Dry Clay, Colored Sand and Crotchet


Crochet has been round for years but is becoming increasingly famous again. No longer is crocheting the area of hats, scarves and blankets! Just one of the developments is crochet in miniature. The maximum famous miniature crocheted items are small plant life and hearts which can be made and then added as an embellishment to a pouch or hat, for example. Other fashionable objects include small lovable animals and cushion covers. Many creative craft specialists don-t stop there! They have managed to consist of crotchet into such objects as jewelry and plant pot covers.


Pineapples are lower back in fashion however they-re a touch special from the 1960-s plastic ice bucket! Today they are more likely to be made of paper mache or clay and used as decorations. There are many good internet sites giving commands on how to make a pineapple. Children may also desire a pineapple shape as it is the house of a bit sponge man or woman who lives underneath the sea!

Mini Clay Animals and Food

Again the miniature subject matter is in evidence however this time the medium used is air dry clay. Air dry clay is very flexible as it is able to be shaped, stamped and coiled and dries naturally without the want for a kiln. Small clay fashioned animals that may be painted and then connected to necklaces, earrings or key rings. These may be visible on a lot of the maximum visited craft web sites. Small clay food objects may be used for garnishing bowls or as props for a doll-s residence and are wonderfully realistic. A constant hand or a well-fashioned cutting tool is all this is required to get the shape of the object you desire.

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